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Hey Fam, we have put safety procedures in place for our staff to help flatten the curve and keep everyone safe. Here's what's going on!

New Covid19 Procedures:

1. When employees arrive at work, they must remain in their car, call the main line to the restaurant, ask for a manager, who will then come out and temp them.   Anyone with a fever of 100.4 are sent home.

2.  Managers ask:

a. Have they or anyone they’ve been in contact w/ had symptoms or tested positive for Covid19?

b. Have they traveled outside of the Richmond area in the past few weeks?

c. Have they been in groups of 10 or more?

3. They are required to wear a mask at all times inside the building, covering mouth and nose (if they need to take a drink or eat something, they follow proper removal, disposal and replacement of mask)

4. We require mandatory hand washing every 30 minutes and anytime they interact with cash.

5. We require masks and gloves when interacting with public.

6. We require social distancing of 6 feet or more at all times.

7. There is no contact pickup and no swiping cards in person if possible.

8. When working, they only use their assigned tools, labeled w/ masking tape, unless wearing fresh gloves and sanitizing after.

9. When cleaning, they use only bleach water on food surfaces (use chlorine strips frequently for levels) and use Enviro Lemon in FOH and non-food service areas.

10. We have sent guidance to all our vendors and delivery partners who regularly make stops at our restaurants advising them on our enhanced protocols to help ensure they are taking necessary precautions to protect our restaurants and communities.

11. High volume areas like the POS, phones, doorknobs, bagging areas and restrooms are wiped down and sanitized every half hour.

All actively working staff have passed one the of Covid-19 videos on ServSafe and received certificates.